10 Best Jigsaws 2020: Review & Buyer’s Guide

The jigsaws really deserve a spot in any collection because they are very portable, versatile and easy to use. Some of the jigsaws are a pleasure to use and to make smooth cuts without causing fatigue or shaking your arms. Therefore before making a final conclusion in purchasing any jigsaw, it would be better to go through the following reviews and compare the ten best jigsaws you can get right now.

If you need the variable speed trigger, variable speed dial or both of them. Then be sure that it makes straight cuts and that it does not port blow the sawdust away from the cut or into the faces.

Now on the list that we are going to give to you, we have made many comparisons and already we have tested and compared the best models that are available on the market. Lets now narrow down to the best 10 choices.




Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

When you visit any workshop, the chances are that you will find them using a Bosch Jigsaw.

One thing that best describes this type of saw is smooth. It doesn’t jump up, its blade doesn’t grab, it just makes smooth and straight cuts. The low vibration doesn’t wear out the arms or shake them and hence is the best option to be used. The saw has a variable speed dial to set the top speed and it also has a trigger that is locked to the top of the range so that you won’t have variability from the trigger.

The JS470E also has an impressive 7-amp motor capable of up to 3,100 strokes per minute. Because of this reason, we take JS470E as our top pick for the best woodworking jigsaw.

Being hard to beat this amazing set of features, this type of saw is not that perfect. The first thing is that the tool is very expensive. The other thing is that you cant lock the trigger for very slow operations because the trigger can only be set at 6 different speeds. Also, the one year warranty is not enough but is just to protect against manufacturer defects.


  • It is very smooth during operation
  • It helps to create a straight and accurate cut
  • It also has a quick and easy jam releaseHas a low vibration design hence being more comfortable while using
  • Has a variable speed dial


  • Is very expensiveIt cannot lock the trigger to slow speeds




The second type of the jigsaw on our list is the affordable Smart Select jigsaw from Black + Decker.

The 5 amp motor is not the best in class but it’s respectable. It helps to create enough power that aids in cutting through different materials with ease because they can reach 3,000 SPM with a stroke length of 0.75 inches. It makes very clean, smooth and accurate cuts.

The jigsaw also has a trigger variable speed but the problem is that it does not have the speed dial so therefore all the adjustability is done by the trigger. The jigsaw is not supposed to be used with U-shank blades. The reason could be that the blade lock mechanism lost tension over the first few weeks of use and it would no longer hold the U-shank adequately.

This type of jigsaw is very manageable weighing only 4.6 pounds. How light it is, the vibration was not excessive because the handle seemed to dampen it during operation.

The final thing is that it comes equipped with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind and this is the reason we think it’s the best jigsaw for money.


  • It is affordable
  • It is light in weight
  • Has a speed of 3,000 SPM
  • Has not much vibration


  • Has no speed dial to lock variable trigger
  • With time the blade loosens up and can’t hold U shank blades




Always cordless tools do offer more maneuverability and it is also always easier to use them than their counterparts. If you would want your jigsaw to be free of power cables, then DeWalt 20V MAX is the best choice for you.

This tool is capable of producing a speed of 3,000 SPM and it also offers as much blade speed and cutting power the same as its cutting competitors. It ensures clean and smooth cuts that are delivered with a 1-inch stroke length from a variable speed trigger.

The weight of this tool without the battery is around 5.4 pounds and upon addition of the battery, it weighs around 7 pounds. Due to the heaviness of such as saw, it might lead to fatigue if used for a long period. Also, the need to buy another separate battery raises the price of this tool. But the lucky thing is that the three-year warranty means that this investment needs to stick around many projects.

The great disadvantage was painfully clear during use. The jigsaws are always equipped with a blower to help keep sawdust from obscuring the cut line. Now that the DeWalt does not have a blower


  • It is cordless
  • Creates clean, smooth cuts
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Has a speed of 3,000 SPM


  • It is very heavy when it is with the battery
  • Needs extra expense to buy a charger and a battery
  • Its blower is ineffective




Makita is a very known and trusted name in jigsaws. The JV06600 jigsaw is still continuing its tradition of high-quality tools through offering clean cuts and smooth feel.

Weighing around 5.2 pounds, it right in the middle of the pack in terms of weight. The tool is not that heavy to cause wear on you but instead, it will bounce all over the place. This tool is very powerful at 6.5 amps and hence able to produce 3,100 SPM at a stroke length of 0.75 inches.

Even if the tool is very powerful, it is surprisingly low in vibration and the reason behind all this is the counterbalance system. It also has a through-body dust port which helps to allow for vacuum hookup. Once it is attached, the vacuum sacks all the sawdust through the body hence giving you a clear view of your cut line.

However powerful this tool could be, it is not with its flaws. It does not have the variable trigger and therefore you can only set the speed by the dial. Also, the one year warranty is very limited.

The last disadvantage of this tool is that according to the manual, this tool is only supposed to use  Makita type B blades and such blades are not readily available therefore this is something to put in mind when interested in Makita JV0600K.


  • Has a very powerful motor of 6.5 amp
  • Produces a speed of 3,100 SPM
  • Has low vibration to facilitate smooth operation
  • Also, this tool has a through-body dust port with a vacuum attachment.


  • Does not have a variable trigger
  • Comes only with a one year warranty
  • It can only use the Makita type B blades



Weighing around 6 pounds, this Porter-Cable jigsaw is pretty stout. Also having 6 amps makes it pretty strong. The other thing is that having a stroke length of 3,200 SPM makes it be the only faster saw available on the market.

The tool also has a variable speed which is controlled by a dial that is built into the trigger. Having a 3-year warranty is really great putting in mind the affordable price at which the tool is available.

The setbacks of this tool include; the first one is that the blade was not square hence making the process of making straight cut really difficult. Besides not being square, it cuts very smoothly and cleanly but it just dint want to stay straight.

The second setback is the lack of a dust port because the saw was just seen to be blowing dust into faces which makes it difficult to see whatever you are cutting.


  • Has a very high speed of 3,200 SPM
  • Has a strong motor of 6-amp
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Is available at affordable price


  • It does not have a dust port, therefore, it can blow dust into your face
  • Its blade is not square
  • Does not have the trigger
  • It is heavier



SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaw

The Skil has a 6.0 amp type of jigsaw is a very affordable price with good performance. This tool makes very smooth cuts very easily having a stroke length of 13/16 inches and a variable speed trigger.

Weighing around 5 pounds makes it lighter than its competitors hence making it a great choice for long projects. It has a laser that helps to mark the cut and also makes it easy to see.

The big problem with this type of tool is that the tension knob on the base easily gets loose while using hence allowing the base to move. Now because of this reason, the cut will not be on an angle and also the blades tend to wobble hence not very secure.

However, this tool operates well and it is covered with a one year warranty therefore it’s not quite up to par compared to the other choices on the list.


  • Has strong amps
  • It is pretty light weighing just 5 pounds
  • Available at affordable price


  • The tension knob at the base easily gets loos
  • The blades tend to wobble due to loose knob
  • The tool is not compatible with all blades
  • Has a laser which is more of gimmick




TACKLIFE Jigsaw is really affordable with a weight of around 7.7 pounds. The next incredible thing about this tool is power. It has a very high power of about 6.7 amps hence a very capable saw.

Having a speed of 3,000 SPM, this tool can cut through different materials with ease and a stroke length of 0.75 inches.

The incredible feature that makes this tool stand out is the LED light which makes it easier to see your cut line. The second incredible thing is that it has a dust port connected for a vacuum meaning that there will be no sawdust obstructing your view.

Now on the downsides of this tool, the blades tend to pop out of the guide hence leading to less straight cut. Another disadvantage is that this tool is not optimal for finish work.


  • The tool is available at affordable price
  • Has a dust port with a vacuum connected
  • Also, the tool is very powerful at 6.7 amps
  • Has LED light


  • It is very difficult to make a very straight cut
  • Its base scratches the surface that you are cutting
  • The blades tend to pop out of the guide



BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (JS670V)

This type of jigsaw is very light when holding in the hand weighing around 3.75 pounds. It also produces a speed of 3,000 SPM using the 6 amp motor. The tool also has a trigger which allows you to make very precise cuts.

Having a low price with a 2-year warranty shows that the tool is it can take on many projects. The uniques feature about the tool is the smart select feature which sets your optimal orbital pattern by just selecting the material that you are cutting.

The setbacks of this tool are that it only allows little light to illuminate lines that are drawn by their marker which is attached to the cord. The other disadvantage is that the base easily loosens up hence cannot make straight cuts.


  • It is very light in weight with 3.75 pounds
  • Available at a low price


  • Loose base
  • Linefinder is a gimmick
  • Easily jump around when cutting




Festool Carvex jigsaw is very expensive as it has many features that perform magic. It is very light in weight just weighing 16 ounces. It has a very thin handle and hence not very comfortable when using it. It has an incredible speed of about 3,800 SPM.

It also has a dial that helps to set the speed range and also the variable trigger gives you enough freedom to choose the range that you want.

Having the brushless motors and having a 3-year warranty means it should belong to life. The LED light and the dust port connects helps to make sure that you can always see clearly what you are cutting.


  • Very light in weight
  • Has a speed of 3,800 SPM
  • Has LED on the front


  • Very high price
  • Its base is not properly tilted
  • Its base doesn’t stay stable
  • It is very uncomfortable during the handling
  • Jumpy operations due to the lightweight



Ridgid R8832B OCTANE

This Ridgid Octane jigsaw only weighs about 4.15 pounds. It is only heavier when the battery is added but it is not as heavy as compared to other cordless jigsaws but its price is a bit high.

It has the LED light on the front to make it easy to see your cut line. It also has a 3,500 SPM and 1-inch stroke length makes it stand out in the list.

The setbacks of this tool are that it is only available when you buy from Home Depot which means that when you purchase it from anywhere else, Ridgid won’t honor their warranty.

The other setback is that its dust blower instead of blowing the sawdust away from your face blows to your face so you are not able to see anything.


  • Produces a speed of 3,500 SPM
  • Has LED light in the front


  • The dust blower is ineffective
  • Very expensive
  • There is no warranty unless you purchase from the home depot
  • The battery must be bought separately hence adding expenses


Bosch JS470E JigsawCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>5.9 poundscorded-electric4.7
BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600CCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>4.6 pounds​Corded-Electric

DEWALT DCS331B JIGSAWCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>5.58 poundsBattery-Powered4.4

BLACK+DECKER JS670V JIGSAWCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>3.75 poundscorded-electric4.5
FESTOOL 561608 JIGSAWCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>1 poundscorded-electric4.4
RIDGID R8832B JIGSAWCHECK LATEST PRICE >>>4.15 poundscordless-electric4.4

Since you have seen the top picks in the above list of 10 best jigsaws, let’s get now into features that make a jigsaw better.


There are different things that you need to put in mind and if you do not take the with serious, you will probably not be satisfied with what you will purchase.

#1​. POWER

In most jigsaws, the power is always rated in amps and cordless ones are rated in volts. However, there is still a disparity between choosing the 5 amps that are produced by the lowest power model and 7 amps that are made by the most powerful.

This will have an effect on efficiency as well as on the thickness of the material that you will be able to cut.


Weight is a very important factor that you will need to consider when purchasing a jigsaw. With a heavy jigsaw, you will take a lot of time to do the project and also the tool will cause fatigue more than when you use a lighter one.

Lighter jigsaws tend to jump around more from the cutting action of the blade while the heavier saw may have an easier time in achieving a smoother cutting action of the blade.


The size of the nose is also a very important factor to consider if you want to be sure that your brad nails will end up exactly where you want them and not half an inch off.

The diameter and length of the nose will help with overall accuracy. And smaller nose the better as it helps to make it easy to hit the exact spot you want.

Brad nailers with long nose make it hard to line up the entry point of the brad nails exactly where you want it to be.


Jigsaw motor speed is measured in SPM or strokes per minute. The faster the speed the smoother the cuts and therefore anything over 2,500 SPM should be a great choice.


When you have great control of the speed of your blade, then you will be sure to get better control of your cut. This helps to make very accurate and cleaner cuts.

Some variables have a variable speed trigger which helps in the adjustment of how you pull the trigger. Other variables have a knob which allows also you to select the exact speed the trigger will engage.

Other types have both the 2 approaches for the most flexible speed variability of the all. The 2 models also allow you to lock the trigger to the top speed that you want.


This is another important thing that you will need to put in mind while purchasing the jigsaw. All the tools we discussed above are tool-free tool changing and therefore not all jigsaws on the market do.

Tool-free changing allows quick changes of the blade without touching the hot metal with your bare fingers


Operation is always the most important thing too because before you start using the tool you will want to know how smooth it operates. A jumpy jigsaw for example with a blade that binds often and has a hard time cutting straight going to be far more frustration than it is worth.

Other features such as vibration dampening can make it much more comfortable to use especially when you are working for long hours.


All the above jigsaws that we reviewed feature orbital function and its not available on any type of saw. An orbital saw just as the name sounds, it cuts in an orbital motion. This is better than the straight up and down cutting patterns. It is a great choice especially for cutting thick pieces.


After the extensive discussion on this topic today, at least now you have some understanding of how they work.
Our best pick is the Bosch JS470E, creates smooth and straight cuts combined with plenty of speed variability making it a low vibration saw and easy to use. 

For people who are looking for the pocket-friendly saw, then the Black + Decker smart select jigsaw is a better choice that you will not regret. It is light in weight and it also creates very little vibration and hence delivering excellent and quality cuts.
Now if you want your jigsaw to be cordless, then the choice is the DeWalt 20V MAX cordless jigsaw. It creates beautiful cuts in a portable package protected by a 3-year warranty. Therefore DeWalt is our best cordless jigsaw.


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