DWS779 vs DWS780? Which One Do You Choose?

Those people who love carpentry and DIY project usually have a miter saw which they use to create sharp cuts in their materials properly. Doing this doesn’t matter if you are a starter or an experienced individual. It is always very important to equip yourself properly to do high-quality jobs using machines that are very effective and also safe to use.

Here you will understand which one is the best between DWS779 vs DWS780 and which one is more reliable than the other.

DWS779 VS DWS780?



  • They are very easy to set
  • It does not have a laser guide
  • Quick and easy jam release
  • It can cut nice due to it’s sliding effect
  • It has an improved dust collection



  • Has a good cutting accuracy
  • It is well built
  • It very many extra features
  • Contains excellent blade
  • It is very quiet while using
  • It is very accurate once calibrated
  • It’s a bit heavier than the first one


When you want to talk about the differences between these two amazing tools DeWalt DWS779 12′ and the DWS780 12′. Finding comparisons can be very hard especially when you know that both of them carry out their job very perfectly.

Of course, both of the two tools do share the same features when it comes to engine system and some small differences in the blade system. The main and distinct difference can be that DEWALT DWS780 has an XPS system which is a more sophisticated laser guide and also the price is a little bit high.

The major aspects you might want to consider before deciding to purchase are mainly four. They include; engines, blades, laser systems, and the price. Throughout this article, we will discuss in deep these aspects so that you can understand better.


An engine is always a very important aspect of any machine because it is the key overall performance of the tool. It is always advisable to put into account the size and the power of the machine depending on the task you want to use it for.

For example, you don’t want to get a miter saw which would give you a headache when you aim to perform cuts in light surfaces.

An engine is a very important tool both DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound miter saw and DEWALT DWS780 and all of them have a 15 amp motor.

dws779 vs dws780

A motor facilitates the engine with which then provides the torques needed to move the circular saw, spinning the blades up to a very high speed of 3800 RPM.

This speed then facilitates to create cuts quickly and in a clean way. This kind of energy also makes it easy to use in the yard. The sharp and clean edges will make the cutting very effective.

Due to the impulse force given by the engine, it allows the saw to make cuts in a single movement hence eliminating the problem of going through the cuts several times especially in thick materials.

Now comparing the engines of the 2 machines, there is no really great distinction between them DEWALT DWS779 and DEWALT DWS780. Therefore you can trust all of them and try to get a good and reliable motor which will perform the best on the farm.


dws779 vs dws780

Now looking at the blades, all the machines use stainless steel miter plates which are around 12- inches and they weigh close to 60 lbs. Here also there is not much difference but there is one distinct feature that you have to account.

Usually, the DEWALT DWS779 comes along with a steel blade while DEWALT DWS780 comes along with a carbide blade. Carbide blade is made from various chemical compounds which include tungsten and carbon.

This material is widely known for its versatility and durability. The meaning of this is that the blade will be more resistant to abrasion and higher temperatures than other materials.

Therefore frictional forces resulted should not worry you and even when the motor is at a high speed. The blade will handle everything for you.

Many users feel like carbide materials have better performance, especially when making cuts because, during cutting, the finish is always clean and smooth and with sharp edges.

This kind of blade does not require much-complicated maintenance since they can stay sharp and they are very impossible to bend. Therefore high-speed cutting won’t affect it.


Now here is where differences arise in the 2 machines that are DEWALT DWS779 and the DEWALT DWS780 model. The first one uses a traditional but reliable laser guide system while DWS780 uses the XPS system that uses the bright LED light which shines along the length of the blade. Through this technology, the miter saw can cast a shadow that follows a movement on the blade.

The LED light cast usually provides a very clear cut shadow. I know you might be thinking about how that could be possible but this tool is very powerful. Also, the circular blade interferes with the LED light to create a shadow which makes it easy while cutting.

The reason why this XPS system is such a big thing is that it has the advantage of keeping alignment quite precise. The traditional laser guide from the DEWALT DWS779 model can easily move out of the alignment but in XPS, the LED light allows you to make a perfect alignment.

Now that the XPS works through light technology, light, therefore, can influence this machine because it can only work best when there is a bright light.


dws779 vs dws780

Now on the price, this is always the most important part everyone has been waiting for. There is a price margin of about $200 between the DWS779 vs DWS780.

The big price margin is due to the XPS system. Since both machines are almost the same, the main factor that you will want to consider before making the purchase will be the type of laser guide system. It is always advisable to go for that one that you will struggle with to use but instead for the one you can easily use.

The XPS system can be a good choice for most startups because of the alignment process. A guide system will make the job easier through LED light technology and due to this reason anyone can use it without a problem.

If you think the XPS system is your choice, then you are encouraged to purchase and use it and if you are good with the traditional one then it is also your best choice. All of the machines perform a similar task and therefore it does not matter which one you choose.


The 2 additional features in both of the miter saws are the design of the exclusive back fence which cuts up to 2 by 16-dimensional lumber at 90- degrees, 2 by 2at 45 degrees and a quite solid dust collection system which will keep your place and your skin very clean.

The importance of the back fence is enabled to make those dimensions in those angles which are very useful especially to the user.

The dust collection system helps to keep the environment and your health clean. Imagine if there was no dust collection system then there could have been a very big problem such as affecting your vision and also getting into your mouth and nose. This can be very unhealthy right?

According to Occupational Safty and Health Administration (OSHA), exposure to wood dust can lead to a variety of health effects such as dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects and even can also lead to cancer. Contact with some irritant materials can cause eye irritation nasal dryness and obstruction.

Both the Dewalt’s we talked about now have built-in systems that can collect over 75% of the dust. This way it keeps you protected and healthy. This also helps to keep the environment clean and conducive.

Always remember to use your protective gears however much these miter saws are of great components to protect you. Anything can happen and when you are protected then you will stay say. Use protective gear such as ear covers, glasses

, etc.


Both machines are built with high-quality materials and have only a few differences. They both have important features to perform well in the field.

Even if DEWALT DWS779 is really easy to use and has good features, DEWALT DWS780 can be a better choice especially when you intend to perform heavy-duty projects. Such heavy duties do require the XPS system model to provide quality work.

Both the saws have their exterior appeal to the tools and this way providing the most of the major functions with some excellent detail and care for the safety and easiness of use. All the tools are good to use.


Before you make any purchase on the market of any power tools, it is always better to study carefully the instructions because some of them are very risky to use when not followed the proper procedure. Also, pay full attention to the instructions and the safety recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Also before deciding to purchase, make sure you understand also the main aspects we discussed in this session which include; engine, blades, guide system and price. We believe your decision is the best because all of these machines are good.

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